The Project Management Course Career Path

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Project ManagementTaking a Correspondence Project Management course is gradually becoming a popular choice for students. Those who take a degree in project management can pursue their career straight after graduating. Sometimes ago, many professionals  worked within project management by chance because they were at right place when a certain project needed managing and  nobody else was available to do that. Project managers may take different routes to climb the career ladder. Nowadays the common career paths for project management are:

Project organizational path

This is for completely new entrants to project management or workplace searching for any opportunities available at the project based organizations. The jobs to consider might not always have a lot to deal with project management although it is a good opportunity to get into organizations specializing in projects.

Most project professionals started out in different roles like administration, finance, secretary or even data entry. The trick here is to be a hard noticeable worker while still looking out for opportunities that may arise at project department.

Project support path

This is the path taken by those who just completed a project management course and choose to take supporting roles in project management. The general title for these jobs could be:

  • Project assistant
  • Project administrator
  • Project coordinator
  • Project management support
  • Project support officer

All the above  roles are for supporting the project team and manager in all project based administration areas.  At project support level, these roles combine basic project management with general team administration. It may include tasks such as compiling reports, filling registers, formatting documents and managing basic financial spreadsheet.

Assistant Project Manager Route

This route might be better suited to people with advanced theoretical project management knowledge through there degree.  An Assistant Project Manager works more closely with a Project manager on project delivery.  Someone in the position does tasks delegated by project manager under guidance.

This role has more responsibility with project deliverables. Due to resource constraints, some organizations combine the role of Assistant Project Manager with that of project support.

Assistant Project Managers can be from various backgrounds.  They might be graduates who recently completed their specific project management studies entering workplace for their first time. They could also be people who previously worked in supporting role within project management like project coordinator but now have progressed to managing projects themselves.

Assistant Project Managers might also be individuals who in the past worked within projects for sometime in a different role but are now eager to be project managers.   Many organizations recruit Assistant Project Managers to initially work with experienced Project Managers. There will be a period for on job training and supporting network before Assistant Project Mangers are assigned their own projects to manage alone. Many organizations prefer this route because they can train their future project managers.

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If what you read appeals to you, but you’re not convinced that Projects are best suited to you, you might want to consider a business management course or a human resource management course. While these are all management related courses, they are very different to a project management course.

November 14, 2014